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I, Overlord, found you there and decided to make the execution to all of who against me, wait for me, my fellows, to see the evolution of the Overlord army, and this wiki, even the server, will be taken control. -Overlord

You will never break free of my control.

I am inevitable. ~Overlord

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My army will keep on growing. And one day I shall take this server for myself. I am Overlord. You will never succeed while I exist.

The Beep Boop Cult will never fall, we will rise again one day...[edit | edit source]

Quick! Hit the warp drive! We are getting out of here.

1 hour into warp drive: So, where are you from?

May 17th, 9 PM EST[edit | edit source]

Beep boop is down, inactive invaders have suddenly awoken, security protocols are failing!

Could it be the age of a new ruler? Beep bop.

Awoken[edit | edit source]

Hullixa 12th, year 4735, PMF base near Alpha Centauri

"Sir, we have identified a cyrogenic pod floating near us. It seems that, it is still active and holding someone."

I look at the screen, and glance at it for a few seconds. "Well, let's get it. Make sure you keep it in contained areas. You don't know what type of weird micro-creatures could be on that thing."

"Yes sir"

I walk up to one of the large windows, and wonder why a cyrogenic pod is just floating in space, still active. It is very expensive to get your hands on one of those. I thought to myself, "This must be someone that's got a lot of fucking money." I walk over to the specialized changerooms, suit up, and go with the team.

We all get into one of our older and small cargo ships, and take off from the station.

"You look very anxious sir" said one of my mates

I glance over in his direction, "Just worried about biohazards, that's all."

"Alright we are here," says the mate driving us.

The air pressure releases, the generator for our section powers off, and we all enter zero gravity. The back hatch then opens, and we climb our way out of the ship to get the pod. Its difficult to see it with your own eyes. The pod is a deep black, and it blends in the background of space, but its bright green details makes it possible to see. One of the mates hooks up a wire to the pod, and it is pulled into the cargoship. We anchored the pod to the cargoships floor, the back hatch closes, and the generator for our section powers back on.

"What the fuck even is this thing. This does not look like a normal cyrogenic pod."

"Not sure, but I have an idea, which is the reason why I came with you guys. I believe who ever is in this pod, has a lot of money. Cyrogenic pods that can float in space forever are beyond expensive."

The ship docks into the bio containment zone. We roll the pod into the hangar, and roll it into one of the larger research rooms.

Our senior researchers look at it. One of the says, "This thing is more expensive than this entire station. We have to be careful of not damaging it."

"Is there a way you can open it up?" I say.

"Not sure."

We both glance towards the pod. I walk up to it and press this green circle on the front of the pod. The green details light up even more, and the pod opens in a psychedelic pattern. We are all confused. It is a cyborg, with very complex parts. All over on the insides of the pod, there is this unknown language ingraded in, but there is one word that we can all read. That word is, Overlord.

Our station captain walks in, he stops immediately, runs over to the intercom mic, "GET ALL OUR MATES OUT OF AREA 02 NOW! BE PREPARED TO EVACUATE THE STATION!" He looks at all of us, "LET'S GET SOME WEAPONS AND GET READY TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

The cyborg sit ups with , his arms transforms into a blade and a laser weapon, and that's when, I knew that I need to get the hell out of here.