Lunatic Lobos

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Lunatic Lobos
Lunatic Lobos.png
Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 1125
Shield Regen 10
Energy Cap 100
Energy Regen 400
Turning Rate 10
Acceleration 75
Terminal Velocity 55
Stats (Constant)
Tier 7
Mass 900
Designer Kirto
Status Active

This ship has a pair of massive rapidfire guns with recoil, making it extremely hard to pursue, however less effective against heavily shielded enemies. This ship has low dps in comparision to the other DTM ships but it never runs out and can shoot inside it's own base, which most DTM ships can't do. It is very effective against Solarium Interceptors and Solarium Reapers because they rely on dodging and striking at you when you are recharging. This ship's insane energy regen prevents that tactic even though this ship has pretty terrible agility.

Cannons[edit | edit source]

Type Energy Per Shot (Min/Max): Damage (Min/Max): Velocity (Min/Max): Mirrored: Recoil: Frequency: Error: Bullets Spread Angle (Degree(s)): # Of Lasers:
Stream 10 10 200 false 0 7 0 0 1