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Note: If you're familiar with GitHub theme, you can visit the alternative GitHub Modding Documentation (can be outdated).



Standard Modding Interface, you can see the minimap of the mod in the bottom right corner while the mod is running

Starblast Modding interface can be found here: https://starblast.io/modding.html (ECP required)

Starblast Modding interface allows you to create custom mods for Starblast. The interface is made of a code editor window, on the left, and a console window, on the right. The code editor is where you type the JavaScript code for your mod. The console is where you can type commands to start your mod, stop it or interact with it while it is running.

Main programming language uses in this interface is JavaScript (ECMAScript)

Documentation and Tutorial

NB: Make sure to read all of these from the start to the end so that you won't miss any important info!

Creating your first mod

In the Mod Code window, type the code for your first mod:

this.options = {
  root_mode: "survival",
  map_size: 30

this.tick = function(game) {

Running and testing a mod

Change region

Once your mod code is ready, in the console, start by selecting your preferred region for modding using the command region <region name>. For example with Europe:

> region Europe
Region set to Europe
> █

(Currently modding is only available in these 3 zones: Europe, America, Asia)

Start mod

Then to start running your mod, type command start:

> start
Mod started
Use 'test' to open game frame for testing
> █

Test the mod

As instructed by the console, you may want to open a test window to join your modded game with a Starblast client. Type test:

> test
> █

ALWAYS keep the Mod Editor Tab being active while running the mod!

This is one of the most important things you need to keep in your mind!

Why? Because that's nuances of how browsers work.

Browsers slow down all javascript in non-active tabs in order to decrease the CPU processes.

For some mods (e.g Battle Royale), it doesn't matter like with ship tree and options only,

but for other mods where some logic in tick function or events - it will affect them A LOT!

Ticks start to work slower and slower...

Soon everything will be lagging in game, like any reactions on mod buttons, any mod logic like spawning something in tick, etc.

And... depending on mod complexity it can just CRASH THE ENTIRE MOD - locally, server will continue to work so game will work but without mod logic anymore.

So, always keep the mod editor tab online or you will have unpredictable results!

Also, you need to have a stable internet connection if you don't want your mods becoming laggy.

Stop the currently running mod

You can stop your mod anytime by using command stop. Note that this will kill the game and disconnect all connected players:

> stop
Mod stopped
> █

Other terminal commands


Print any values to the terminal, can be used in both mod code (after mod started) and terminal

Syntax: echo(<item>)

> echo("Message from terminal!")
Message from terminal!
> █

Clear the the terminal, only available in terminal

Syntax: clear


Display help message inside the terminal, terminal use only

Syntax: help

Main code parts



Stored in this.options is a data structure where you can set options for your custom, modded game. These options are used for initializing the game when you start your mod. Changing them while the mod is running does not affect the game.

Custom ships and custom tree

You can import ships made with Starblast Ship Editor. In the Ship Editor, use "Mod Export" feature to export a JavaScript code snippet for the modding interface. Then paste this snipped in the coding window and add this:

var myship_101 = "{ … … <this is your exported ship code> …";

var ships = [myship_101]; // add your ship to an array of ship

this.options = {
  root_mode: "survival",
  ships: ships,         // specifying a list of ships to complement / replace existing ships
  reset_tree: true,     // set to true if you want to remove the original ship tree, false if you just want to replace some of the ships
  map_size: 30

this.tick = function(game) {

Then run your mod. If your ship is set to level=1 model=1, your ship will replace the Fly. You can replace other ships in the tree in a similar way, using reset_tree: false. Or you can remove the original ship tree completely and provide a whole new one using reset_tree: true.

Customizing the emote-chat system

The vocabulary used for the emote-chat system can be customized by setting the field vocabulary in the game option as follows:

var vocabulary = [
      { text: "Hello", icon:"\u0045", key:"O" },
      { text: "Bye", icon:"\u0046", key:"B" },
      { text: "Yes", icon:"\u004c", key:"Y" },
      { text: "No", icon:"\u004d", key:"N" },

      { text: "Flower", icon:"\u{1F33B}", key:"F" },
      { text: "Snowman", icon:"\u26c4", key:"M" },
      { text: "Shark", icon:"\u{1F988}", key:"S" },
      { text: "Ghost", icon:"\u{1F47B}", key:"G" }
    ] ;

this.options = {
  vocabulary: vocabulary,
  // ...

This allows using Starblast built-in emote icons, which are listed here for reference: https://starblast.io/glyphs.html

You can also use unicode icons, here is a good source for reference: https://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html

Note that wide unicode characters (using more than 2 bytes) require a specific Javascript syntax as shown in the example above (example: \u{1F47B})

Custom asteroids maps

You can create a custom map of asteroids. This allows creating a maze for example. The custom map you provide is actually a JavaScript character string which is used to "paint" the map.

For example:

var map =
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"99                          99\n"+
"999999999999999999999999999999" ;

this.options = {
  custom_map: map,
  map_size: 30

In the example above, 9 sets the biggest size of asteroid. You can use smaller values for adding smaller asteroids to the grid. Any value other than a digit will be interpreted as no asteroid. If your map_size is set to 30, make sure to create 30 lines and 30 columns, or you may get unpredictable results.

Note: Use "" for blank custom map

You can use Online Map Editor (a community tool) to create, edit and export maps.

Other common options

Most of the options are inherited from the usual custom games. A few more options have been added, specifically for modding (top of the list):

Option Description Default value
(if omitted)
root_mode The mod to inherit from: "survival", "team", "invasion", "deathmatch", "battleroyale" (or unspecified) Unspecified
reset_tree Set to true to remove the original ship tree false
ships An array of ships to add to the tree None
map_size Size of the map, range from 20 to 200 100 (survival)
80 (team and Battle Royale)
60 (unspecified)
30 (Invasion)
20 (deathmatch)
soundtrack "procedurality.mp3", "argon.mp3", "crystals.mp3", "red_mist.mp3, "civilisation.mp3" or "warp_drive.mp3" None
max_players From 1 to 240 70 (team)
60 (survival)
40 (unspecified)
30 (Battle Royale)
20 (deathmatch)
6 (invasion)
crystal_value Float, from 0 to 5 2 (team)
0 (deathmatch and Battle Royale)
1 (others)
lives Number of lives, from 1 to 5 4 (team)
1 (deathmatch and Battle Royale)
3 (others)
max_level Max level you can reach, from 1 to 7 7
friendly_colors Serves to define teams; how many teams (or 0) 3 (team)
1 (invasion)
0 (others)
map_name Name of the map Auto-generated name
survival_level Level which triggers survival mode (8 for no trigger) 7 (survival)
8 (others)
starting_ship Enter desired ship code: 101, 201, 404, etc. 101
starting_ship_maxed true or false false
asteroids_strength 0 to 10 5 (deathmatch)
0.5 (Battle Royale)
1 (others)
friction_ratio 0 to 2 1
speed_mod 0 to 2 1.25 (deathmatch)
1.2 (survival and team)
1 (others)
rcs_toggle true or false true
map_id Number in the range [0-9999] Game id
map_density Density of the map None
weapon_drop 0 to 1 (probability that an asteroid will drop a weapon) 0
crystal_drop percentage of gems can be collected when a ship drain gems 0.5 (deathmatch)
1 (others)
release_crystal true/false for allowing/forbidding [V] to release gems true (team)
false (others)
mines_self_destroy true or false true
mines_destroy_delay all landed mines will be destroyed after this interval if no enemies triggered the mines (in ticks) 3600 (Battle Royale)
18000 (others)
healing_enabled true or false true (team)
healing_ratio 0 to 2 1
shield_regen_factor 0 to 2 1
power_regen_factor 0 to 2 1
weapons_store Set to false to remove access to the weapon store true
radar_zoom Set value to 1, 2 or 4 2
auto_refill When set to true, collecting an energy or shield pill immediately refills energy or shield ; the collected pill is not added to the active weapons false
projectile_speed Affects the speed of rockets, missiles and torpedoes; use 1 for default speed 1
choose_ship e.g. setting to [301,302,303] will let player choose a ship from these 3 ships before entering the game None
collider enable/disable (true/false) collisions of player ships with anything true
Survival mode specific options
Option Description Default value
(if omitted)
survival_time When to trigger survival mode; 0 or a value in minutes 60
Team mode specific options
Option Description Default value
(if omitted)
hues array of hue numbers for teams, with the same amount of elements as used for friendly_colors Auto-generated hues
station_regeneration factor to apply to station shield regen 1
station_size size of the stations; integer from 1 to 5 2
station_crystal_capacity factor to apply to the station crystal capacity, range [0.1,10] 1
station_repair_threshold part of the station crystal capacity that must be refilled to repair a module. In the range [0,1] 0.25
auto_assign_teams allow assigning players to a specific team (true) or let them choose the team themselves (false) false
Deatmatch mode specific options
Option Description Default value
(if omitted)
ship_groups an array containing some arrays, each of them representing one ship group (by name) available for selection
For example:
ship_groups: [
The longer the array is, the lower chance for each ship group being available in a single match
See Deathmatch for a list of default ship groups



Found in this.tick is a JavaScript function which is called 60 times per second. In this function’s body, you will be able to code specific actions that your mod needs to take automatically while the game is running. This function can be modified while the modded game is running and the changes will apply automagically.



Your mod can receive events through the function this.event:

this.event = function(event,game) {
  switch (event.name)
    case "ship_spawned":
      if (event.ship != null)
        shipJustSpawned(event.ship) ;
      break ;
} ;
Available events
Event name Description Additional event fields
ship_spawned A ship just spawned in game or respawned event.ship
ship_destroyed A ship was just destroyed event.ship, event.killer
alien_destroyed An alien was just killed event.alien, event.killer
asteroid_destroyed An asteroid was just destroyed event.asteroid, event.killer
collectible_picked A ship just picked a collectible item event.collectible, event.ship

Game step


Can be accessible through game.step, is an integer presenting game's duration


The unit of this value is tick, where 1 tick = 1/60 seconds

Which means that 60 ticks = 1 second, 120 ticks = 2 seconds and so on.


This code uses to set the first ship in the list to the center of the map in the first minute of the mod and reset its crystals every 5 seconds (assume that there is one ship staying from the start of the mod):

this.tick = function (game)
  if (game.step == 3600) { // 1 minute = 60 seconds * 60
    game.ships[0].set({x:0,y:0}); // Center teleport
  if (game.step % 300 === 0) { // 5 seconds * 60
    game.ships[0].set({crystals: 0}); // Reset crystals


You can access to the list of ships (players) through the array game.ships

You can also find a ship with specific id using game.findShip(id), which returns an object represent the matched ship or null (if there are no ships matching the provided id)

Accessible fields

You have read access to the ship’s main fields and options:

Field Description
x X coordinate
y Y coordinate
vx Velocity vector X component
vy Velocity vector Y component
r Rotation angle of the ship (in radian)
name player's name
alive Whether the ship is alive or destroyed
type Ship type code (e.g. 101)
stats Ship current stats upgrades, compiled into a single integer.
For example: 10012301 means the 8 stats upgrade levels are 1,0,0,1,2,3,0 and 1
idle tells if the ship is in idle status or not
team the id of the team this ship is in
score player's score
shield current shield value
generator current generator value
crystals current crystals value
healing whether the ship's lasers are in healing mode or not


You can set different options on the ships.For example:

> game.ships[0].set({x:0,y:0});
> █

Will move the first ship in the list to the center of the map

List of accepted options when using ship.set:

Option Description Server response error message
(if improper)
x X coordinate Wrong coordinate
y Y coordinate
vx Velocity vector X component
vy Velocity vector Y component
invulnerable Use to set the ship invulnerable for X ticks (e.g. 60 for one second invulnerability) Wrong invulnerable time
type changes the type of ship (use the ship code, e.g. {type:403} ) None
angle changes the direction the ship is facing Wrong angle
score sets player's score Wrong score
idle set to true to force the ship to stay idle (and false to revert) None
shield sets the value of the shield Wrong shield value
generator sets the value of the generator Wrong generator value
healing sets ship's lasers mode to healing (true or false) None
crystals sets ship's crystal ammount Wrong crystals
stats sets the stats upgrades of the ship None
kill Set kill: (any "truthy" value, e.g: true) to destroy the ship No violation
team Changes the team this ship belongs to (in range [0-X] where X is teams - 1) None
hue Sets the color of the ship (range [0-359])
Hues ruler.png


You can send the ship to intermission (a screen with results, offering to respawn). This screen allows you to display custom results information:

> game.ships[0].intermission({"Best Achievement":"Managed to run the mod","Score":1234});
> █

Triggering and Customizing player's GameOver screen

You can also trigger the gameover screen for any given ship. Here again, you can pass results information to pass on to the player:

> game.ships[0].gameover({"Rating":"Can do better","Score":1234});
> █


Calling instructor

You can have the flight instructor send instructions to the player. For this find the players’s ship and use:

> ship.instructorSays("Hello!")
> █

You can hide the instructor window using:

> ship.hideInstructor()
> █

You can later show it again using:

> ship.showInstructor()
> █

A second, optional parameter allows you to choose which one of the instructor characters will talk to the player. Example:

> ship.instructorSays("Here is your report, Commander","Maria")
> █
Available characters
Lucina Klaus Maria Kan Zoltar
Tutorial-survival.png Tutorial-battleroyale.png Tutorial-team.png Tutorial-invasion.png Tutorial-deathmatch.png

Custom UI components


The mod can create custom UI components that will show up on the player’s screen. This is done by calling setUIComponent on the ship, passing in a component descriptor.

For example:

> ship.setUIComponent({
    clickable: true,
    shortcut: "X",
    visible: true,
    components: [
      { type:"box",position:[0,0,100,100],fill:"#456",stroke:"#CDE",width:2},
      { type: "text",position: [0,0,100,50],color: "#FFF",value: "My Text"},
      { type: "player",id: 1, position: [0,0,50,50],color: "#FFF"},
> █

Here is the list of UIComponent's accepted options:

Option Description Default value
(if omitted)
id a unique identifier for this component, mandatory None
position expressed in percentage of the main screen, the position of the component [x,y,width,height]. Example: [45,45,10,10] creates a component in the center of the screen, which width and height are 10% of the screen width and height. None
visible Whether the component is visible or not. Resend the same data with visible set to false to hide the component true
clickable Whether this component can be clicked or not false
shortcut When the component is clickable, a keyboard shortcut allowing to trigger the click event None
components gives a list (array) of graphical features to render within the component, which will be described below Empty array
Subcomponents' accepted options
Option Description Default value (if omitted)
type type of the subcomponents
currently supported: "round", "text", "box" or "player"
id ("player" type only) id of the player associated with the subcomponent, which will be disapleyd as their name and badge (if exists) in the rendered subcomponent None
position positions of the subcomponents, formatted as [x,y,width,height]
these subcomponents are meant within the main component coordinates
value value of the subcomponent, e.g value:"Sample text" Empty string
color text color of the subcomponent, this can be a string with any color formats (hex, hsla, rgb, etc.), e.g "#fff" None
fill background color of the subcomponent, same format as the color property None
width width of the subcomponent's border (in percent) 0
stroke border color of the subcomponent, same format as the color property None
align alignment of the texts inside the subcomponent
"left", "right" or "center" only
Combining with events

The example below creates a warp button for every player, which can be clicked and results in the ship warping to another random location, also adding 3 seconds invulnerability to it:

Full example: https://github.com/pmgl/starblast-modding/blob/master/examples/warp_button.js

var warp_button = {
  id: "warp",
  position: [2,50,8,14],
  clickable: true,
  shortcut: "W",
  visible: true,
  components: [
    { type:"round",position:[0,0,100,100],fill:"#456",stroke:"#CDE",width:2},
    { type: "text",position:[10,35,80,30],value:"WARP",color:"#CDE"},
    { type: "text",position:[20,70,60,20],value:"[W]",color:"#CDE"}

var warpShip = function(ship) {
  x = (Math.random()-.5) * ship.game.options.map_size*10 ;
  y = (Math.random()-.5) * ship.game.options.map_size*10 ;
  ship.set({x:x,y:y,vx:0,vy:0,invulnerable:180}) ;
} ;

this.tick = function(game) {
  if (game.step%60==0) // ensure this is done only once per second
    for (var i=0;i<game.ships.length;i++)
      var ship = game.ships[i] ;
      if (!ship.custom.warp_button_installed)
        ship.custom.warp_button_installed = true;
} ;

this.event = function(event,game) {
  switch (event.name)
    case "ui_component_clicked":
      var ship = event.ship ;
      var component = event.id ;
      if (component == "warp") // check that this is our component "warp"
      break ;
} ;
Customizing the scoreboard or radar

The built-in scoreboard can be replaced by your own custom scoreboard component. As soon as an UI component with id "scoreboard" or "radar_background" is created, you will be responsible for updating the scoreboard/radar. Your custom scoreboard/radar component does not have to include a position because it will automatically fill the area already reserved for the perspective UI Component.

Global UI

You can use game.setUIComponent({ options }) to set the UI to all current players in the game

Other methods and instances

Remove all ship's secondary slots

Syntax: ship.emptyWeapons()


You can access to the list of aliens through the array game.aliens

You can also find an alien with specific id using game.findAlien(id), which returns an object represent the matched alien or null (if there are no aliens matching the provided id)


To create an alien, use game.addAlien({ options })

List of accepted options:

(Note: Server will response with Incorrect data when at least one input property value is improper)

Option Description Default value (if omitted)
x X coordinate 0
y Y coordinate
vx Velocity vector X component
vy Velocity vector Y component
code Type of alien, must be an integer in range [10-20] 10
level Level of the alien, in range [0-X] where X depends of the alien type 0
points The number of points you earn when you kill this alien None
crystal_drop The crystal amount to be dropped when this alien is killed
weapon_drop The code of a collectible weapon to be dropped by this alien when killed

Here is the list of supported codes:

Code Alien name
10 Chicken
11 Crab
12 Fortress
13 Some weird new thingy
14 Candlestick
15 Hirsute
16 Piranha
17 Pointu
18 Fork
19 Saucer
20 Final Boss

A new Alien object is immediately added to game.aliens; however it cannot be used before it has been assigned an id (positive integer) by the server.


Once an alien is live and has an assigned id, you can set options to it. For example:

> game.aliens[0].set({x:0,y:0});
> █

Will move the first alien in the list to the center of the map

Accepted options when using alien.set:

Option Description Server response error message
(if improper)
x X coordinate Wrong coordinate
y Y coordinate
vx Velocity vector X component
vy Velocity vector Y component
shield Shield Wrong shield value
regen Shield regen Wrong regen value
damage Laser damage Wrong damage value
laser_speed Laser speed
rate Firing rate Wrong rate value
kill Set kill: (any "truthy" value, e.g: true) to destroy the alien No violation


You can spawn collectible weapons in the playfield

You can also find a collectible with specific id using game.findCollectible(id), which returns an object represent the matched collectible or null (if there are no collectibles matching the provided id)


Here is an example:

> game.addCollectible({code:10,x:0,y:0});
> █

This will add a new collectible pack of rockets to coordinates (0;0)

Here is the list of supported codes:

(Note: Server will response with Incorrect data when at least one input property value is improper)

Code Description
10 4 rockets pack
11 2 missiles pack
12 1 torpedo
20 8 light mines pack
21 4 heavy mines pack
40 Mining pod
41 Attack pod
42 Defense pod
90 Energy refill
91 Shield refill


You can check the collectibles still available to collect in the playfield by using: game.collectibles


You can access to the list of moving asteroids through the array game.asteroids

You can also find an asteroid with specific id using game.findAsteroid(id), which returns an object represent the matched asteroid or null (if there are no asteroids matching the provided id)


To create an asteroid, use game.addAsteroid({ options }).

Here is the list of accepted options:

(Note: Server will response with Incorrect data when at least one input property value is improper)

Option Description Default value
(if omitted)
x X coordinate 0
y Y coordinate
vx Velocity vector X component
vy Velocity vector Y component
size Size of the asteroid in the range [1-100] 30

A new Asteroid object is immediately added to game.asteroids ; however it cannot be used before it has been assigned an id (positive integer) by the server.


Once an asteroid is live and has an assigned id, you can set options to it. For example:

> game.asteroids[0].set({x:0,y:0});
> █

Will move the first asteroid in the list to the center of the map

List of accepted options when using asteroid.set:

Option Description Server response error message
(if improper)
x X coordinate Wrong coordinate
y Y coordinate
vx Velocity vector X component
vy Velocity vector Y component
size Asteroid size in the range [1-100]
(note that changing asteroid size resets its life points)
Incorrect size
kill Set kill: (any "truthy" value, e.g: true) to destroy the asteroid No violation

Add 3D objects to the scenery

The mod can create custom, textured 3D objects and add them to the scenery using game.setObject method. These objects have no physics for now (physics is planned in a near future).

For example:

var cube = {
  id: "cube",
  obj: "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pmgl/starblast-modding/master/objects/cube/cube.obj",
  diffuse: "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pmgl/starblast-modding/master/objects/cube/diffuse.jpg"
} ;

  id: "cube",
  type: cube,
  position: {x:0,y:0,z:0},
  rotation: {x:0,y:0,z:0},
  scale: {x:1,y:1,z:1}
}) ;

Object type options

Option Description
id a unique identifier for this object type, mandatory
obj a URL (HTTPS) to the OBJ file
type Object instance options, see the section below for more details
diffuse a URL (HTTPS) to a diffuse texture file (optional)
emissive a URL (HTTPS) to an emissive texture file (optional)
specular a URL (HTTPS) to a specularity texture file (optional)
bump a URL (HTTPS) to a bump texture map (optional)
diffuseColor diffuse color of the object, e.g. 0xFF0000 (for red)
emissiveColor emissive color of the object, e.g. 0x00FFFF (for cyan)
specularColor specular color of the object
transparent whether the object's texture has transparency or not
bumpScale scale for bump mapping (default: 0.1)

Object instance options

Option Description
id a unique identifier for this object instance (mandatory, allows changing the object afterwards)
type the object type definition
position coordinates for placing the object
scale allows to scale the object
rotation allows to rotate the object
shape Object's shape (used for creating hitbox)
Note: We recommend not to use this property as it usually doesn't work as expected


Game property game.objects stores all active 3D Objects maintained by the mod

You shouldn't modify this property in order to keep the mod run smoothly

Changing or moving an object

Use game.setObject again with the same object instance id.

Removing an object

game.removeObject(id) removes the object with given id. You can omit the id parameter, which will remove all custom objects in the scene.


Working example, adding cube objects to the scenery: https://github.com/pmgl/starblast-modding/blob/master/examples/adding_cube.js

Reading game's detailed options


Once the mod starts running, all detailed options will be passed into the game.options object

Accessible fields

This includes all properties defined in this.options, plus some extended fields listed below (except if they are not defined):

Field Description
bouncing_lasers if bouncing lasers is enabled or not

Team mode specific accessible fields

Field Description
teams an array represent teams' most basic info
each item in the array contains:

base_name: name of the base
faction: faction name
hue: team hue

crystal_capacity an array presenting the capacity of the stations in the increasing level order
an array presenting the the stations' deposits/spawnings/small structures shield in the increasing level order
an array presenting the the stations' deposits/spawnings/small structures regeneration in the increasing level order

Assigning custom properties to some entities/objects

You can assign properties into some game entities or objects as side notes/indicators

Accessing and assigning

Simply just call out their custom property (which is always an object) and assign properties to it.

Supported objects/entities

  • game object
  • all ships
  • all aliens
  • all collectibles
  • all asteroids


game.custom.hasMod = true // game object
game.ships[0].custom.userScore = 6712 // ship entity
game.aliens[0].custom = {created: true, rating: "10stars"} // alien entity
game.asteroids[0].custom = {init: true} // asteroid entity

Other game instances and methods

Set custom maps in-game

You can use game.setCustomMap(<map pattern>) to set custom map while the game is running

where <map pattern> has the same format as the custom map in this.options

Lock/unlock the mod from attracting new players

Use game.setOpen(true/false) to lock/unlock the mod to be visible to players (only for Modding Space mods)

There is also game boolean properties game.is_open is used to determine if the mod is open or not

Common problems and how to fix them

Black screen issue

In most cases you're getting a black screen after loading your mod cause of bad ship tree.

Follow these rules to avoid it:

  1. Your ship tree must have a ship with type/code 101.
  2. If your ship tree has level 2 ships, then it should have level 1 ships too.
  3. Either models should go in the right order without gaps: 1, 2, 3 etc (not 1, 6, 17) or control all ship tree routes by next param in ship codes (but keep correct order for unreachable ships).
  4. You can't have possibly infinite ship tree routes, made by next params - all routes should end at some ship, there shouldn't be able to come back to some ship again.

My mod closed accidentally but the game is not stopped

Sometimes, some unexpected problem can crash the mod, but it only disconnects from the modding side, or so-called "controller" side, the game itself will continue running without control from your modding client until it meets the closing requirements (or even in some serious occasions, game developers - like PMGL - need to close it by themeselves).

Here is some reasons which can lead to mod crashing:

  1. Closing/Reloading the modding tab/window without stopping the mod first (Most common one)
  2. Very unstable internet connection
  3. Server resolve error (which will automatically disconnect the controller by itself)
  4. Browser tab hangs/crashed (careful of infinite while/for loops)

Also keep in mind that you can't reconnect to your previously crashed server, even if it's still running.

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