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Ship Editor Tutorial

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The ship[[Ship editorEditor]] can be found [ here].
The ship editor interface consists of an input body of text taking up the left half of the screen, as well as a rendered output of the ship on the right. Any edits made to the input text will cause the output render to immediately update unless the text includes some type of syntactical error, in which case the model shown will be of the last error free script provided. The right hand side consists of a rendered image of the ship itself in the center, which can be clicked and dragged to change the orientation, and silhouette of a top down view of the current hitbox of the ship. Atop the render body is a series of eight buttons. The first two allow you to save the current body of text to a text file, or load a text file into the editor. The second two buttons allow you to download a png image of the ship in its current orientation, or download a converted .obj file. The fifth and sixth buttons solely effect the cosmetics of the rendered ship, by changing the color of the ship and the material respectively. This is to preview how this ship would look if a user with and Elite Commander Pass was to use that ship with a material other than zinc selected. The next button in the row will allow you to load a file of any ship that is currently in the game into the editor, by clicking on the button, then clicking the desired ship in the tree. The final button above the rendered output is a link to the terms of use of the ship editor, that you must agree to to use.