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This is a basic Tutorial on team mode to expand on this Tutorial this tutorial is using info from the Team Mode page and the Space Station page.

This has the same basic idea as survival mode but there are 3 space stations that drift in a set motion around the map, and a 3x gem drop rate. (there are 2 spawn ports (where you spawn in originally or re-spawn when you die) 2 gem depots (where you buy secondaries, switch to healing lasers, and deposit gems to level up your base) and 9 connector modules (they serve no major purpose). The spawn port and gem depot is all you need to destroy to kill the base. The table on the modules found here (Space Station)

In Team Mode all ships levels 1-6 have 4 lives (the level 1 has limited lives to make it easier to win, you can not buy lives with a level one) and the rest of the ships have 4 lives up to t6 to limit the rage quitters because they got downgraded or got killed.

There is a option in team mode known as healing lasers which do what they say when they are enabled, they heal ships (you can not heal your own pods or yourself) but when you attack your teammates they restore as much shields as damage you do, when you try to attack enemies the lasers will go through them. They are highly useful in attack runs (and to counter them). You can also give teammate gems with [V].

You also have to upgrade the station to get higher level ships, for example level 1 stations can have level 3s (800 gems to upgrade, level 2 station can have level 4s (1600 gems to upgrade), level 3 station level 5s (3200 gems to upgrade), level 4 station level 6s (6400 gems to fill), once full on level 4 station you can get level 7s).

The best ships some have found in team mode are the ships off the side-fighter because they are quick miners (mostly), they all generally are good fighters especially with Secondaries however a few ships using that path (like X-2) are slow miners but they works really well in attack groups beating down the other teams. The right side of the tree is to slow to safely mine when you have fast ships attacking, and the left side not very fast miners so they well fall easily for lack of upgrades. However going up the right will quickly upgrade your base and the left when upgraded performs when supported by a right side ship (which the right side of the tree are tanks).

The most important thing to remember is to work as a team.