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I have been editing wikis since 2006, and have been a member of the Community Council since 2017. Since 2019, I've also been acting as a Wiki Manager / Wiki Representative for many wikis.

I believe in keeping articles clear, organized, up-to-date and thorough. I have spent much time customizing wiki features and serving communities in administrator roles, so I am happy to offer support/advice to any who ask.

I am always open to discussion, so feel free to contact me on my talk page/message wall for any of the wikis to which I contribute!

Note: I typically do not accept random friend requests on Discord. If we don't have any servers in common and you are unable to DM me, please leave me a message on Fandom/Gamepedia first, so I know whose friend request to accept.

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We've been getting a lot of troll activity lately and our current Wiki admins are quite busy with irl issues and aren't able to help out that frequently. It would be great if you could appoint more Wiki admins/mods for this wiki to help moderate these troll activities. It's a bit hard to communicate through here so let us know when you're free and we can chat using discord.

Wiki I'm referring to ->

My username -> Destroy#0609

Nova's Username -> Nova#3646

(the user that also messaged you.. he and I are two prominent editors of this wiki and have come to seek your assistance)

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2 things,

1. Can you possibly block ? 2. The wiki i'm commenting from needs more admins badly to avoid issues like the dude I mentioned

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